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American Made: Film Review – An Edge of the Seat Comedy-Thriller

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You will have to agree that there is a certain appeal to antiheroes that us normal viewers cannot seem to resist. Characters like Walter White and Pablo Escobar are proofs that in the end, it is the antiheroes that rule the day. That is also the case with Tom Cruise's Barry Seal in American Made. Barry Seal is a TWA pilot but apparently, that is not enough for him (you will soon realize nothing is). He also smuggles cigars into the United States by the way of his job, that is when he is not busy rattling his passengers and co-pilot by creating fake turbulences. He definitely needs something more out of his life and a little more money won't hurt either. That's when the CIA guys notice him and instead of turning him in, CIA Agent Monty Schafer (Domhnall Gleeson) decides to use Barry's skill to get photographs of the situation of the then communists-occupied central America. Barry gleefully signs up for this while keeping his wife Lucy (Sarah Wright) in dark. On one of his missions, he is accosted by the Medellin Cartel who want him to smuggle cocaine on his flights back home and he does that as well. That starts Barry Seal's real journey as he flits between the cartel and the CIA which results in him being really, really rich. But when each party starts demanding more, that's when the real trouble starts. For more you can check [url=]advertising examples[/url]


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